Season 2021 – no reception, but still great…

Rønne Strand camping has undergone a major change up to the 2020 season. However, both the comfort and the silence of the site are still intact. And with nature and the beautiful beach right outside your door – as well as Bornholm’s many attractions within a short driving distance, yes, Rønne Strand Camping is still one of Bornholm’s most well-located and attractive campsites. The space is now unmanned – what does it mean? This means that there is no reception, nor shop. There will be daily supervision at the campsite, and of course high standards of cleaning in our service buildings.

Booking can now be done by sending an email to – or even easier via our online booking here on the website. It is also possible to book on arrival at the site at our “Self Service Check In”, which you will find at the service building. There is much more info about “Self-service Check In” at the campsite.

Useful information

Opening hours The campsite is open in 2020 from 01 May to 30 September.


If you have booked your place before arrival through our Online booking on our website, you must check in at our Self-service Check In which you will find at the service building. You just have to enter your customer number and reservation number. After that, you get a confirmation that says a code that you need to use at the access bar, as well as for access in the Service building and for use in the showers.

If you have not booked in advance through our website, check-in is easy on our Self-service Check In stand. (More info and guide at the campsite)


Check-in from 12:00 and until 23:00 on day of arrival.

Departure from campsite:

Check-out and departure must take place no later than 12.00. If the space is available and you want to extend your stay, this is easily done on our Self Service Check In stand.

Check-out is automatic at 12:00, after which passwords will be reset.


Check-infrom 15.00 – 23:00 on day of arrival

Departure from cabins:

Check-out and departure must take place no later than 11:00.

If the cabin is vacant and you want to extend your stay, this is easily done on our Self-service Check In stand.

Check-out is automatic at 11:00, after which passwords will be reset.


Dogs are welcome, but must be kept on a leash, also at the caravan. The dog must be vented outside the campsite (not on the court).


Waste must be sorted and delivered in the containers provided. Please use the bottle container and place cardboard in the cardboardcontainer. NOTE! The waste disposal site must only be used for ordinary household waste, all other waste material MUST be delivered to other recycling site in Rønne.


Must always be emptied into the toilet. Discharge directly into the soil is prohibited.

Service Building:

The service building is open 24 hours. All play in the service building is prohibited. Smoking is NOT allowed in any of our buildings, nor in the barbecue hut. Please hand in the common facilities in the same condition you wish to receive them yourself.

Washer and Dryer:

Price DKK 40, – per. washing, price DKK 20,- per drying. You can buy code for washer and dryer through our Self Service Check In.


There must be only one car per unit. In addition, we refer to our parking space outside the campsite. Driving on the campsite should be reduced to a minimum and must not take place between  23.00 – 7.00. Motor operation must be done at very low speed, max. 10 km / h.


The boom is  always open for exit , and open for entrance from 07.00 – 23.00 outside this time, driving in the campsite is not allowed.


Guests are welcome, but it is your responsibility as a camper that they follow the rules of the place. If your guests arrive by car, they must use the guest parking outside the campsite. Guests must leave the place no later than 23:00. 


Think about the neighbors, avoid the noise. Turn down the radio and television. There must be nighttime sleep between 23.00 – 07.00.

Fire Safety – Important for Everyone’s Safety

There MUST be a minimum of 3 meters distance between caravans / tents. (Not as a group)

This also applies to storage tents, annexes and reading sails. Please check this distance carefully before setting up. The camp manager has a duty to ask you to move if the distance is not observed.

Important telephone number Outside of business hours, the camp manager can always be contacted on the following emergency telephone: +45 40 20 30 68

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