Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional conference rooms when you meet next time in your company? And if you are looking for an opportunity to be together in a flexible way with smaller groups that can be merged into larger ones according to the current meeting recommendations, then Nordskoven Strand Camping offers a unique opportunity for just this.

You have the opportunity to have your very own camp in a combination of cabins, own tents or our delicious well-equipped glamping tents with comfortable beds and soft pillows.

The strategy seminar and other joint gatherings can be held in one of our large TenTipi tents with room for up to 60 people. The teambuilding event can include self-building a camp, cooking over a campfire, and of course the beach, forest and cliffs are right next door for various activities.

We have the opportunity to screw the ingenious frame together for you, regardless of whether you are a small group that needs to have your very own corner at the edge of the forest or whether you are +500 people who want your own unique frame. We create the framework and help you with a program.

If you want to hear more, contact us at: or call +4540203068

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