26th April open Nordskoven Strand Camping for season 2018

11th-12th May Salomon Hammer Trail (run)
26th-27th May Campingmesse on Nordskoven Strand Camping


14th – 17th June people meeting i Allinge
23th June Midsummer (Sankthans)in Kanondalen in Rønne
23th June Sol over Gudhjem (Cooking contest)


29th – 30th June -1th July Bornholm Rundt Marchen (work around the island)
4th July Soft Ice run in Gudhjem
23th-27th July Etape Bornholm (marathon over 5 days)
26th August Bornholm  around on bike


10th-11th August Big playday (Store Legedag) in Nyker (Machine- and Truck show)

18th – 19th August Dog show Rønne stadium Nord.


30th-31th August og 1th September Bornholm Golf Open
22th September Almindingsløbet(run)
30th September end of the season on Nordskoven Strand Camping

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