Dogs are always welcome at Nordskoven Strand Camping, as long as they are led on a short leash and are not a nuisance to other guests.

When booking, you must state pets and there will be a small fee per. pets per. day.

All ventilation must take place outside the campsite. However, we urge everyone to pick up leftovers after their dogs.

Rules for dog and cat via Sweden

The rules for bringing a dog or cat via Sweden to Bornholm and the rest of Denmark have been changed per. 1/1 2012. According to the Swedish Customs’ own website, the rules are as follows. The animal must:

– be ID marked
– be vaccinated against rabies
– Have a pet passport
– reported online (best and fastest) to the Swedish Customs or at the border crossing (you must select the red dot)

This means that you do not have to register your dog or cat with the Swedish Customs on arrival in Sweden. In the event of a check at the border crossing, you should be able to show the ID number you have received via the Internet or a copy of your message.

We refer to the fact that it is always the rules that are found on the Swedish Customs’ www page, which are the applicable rules. Contact if necessary. own vet if you are in doubt about anything.

You can register online here at the customs office  tullverket

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