Terms and Conditions

Payment terms

When booking, we ask for credit card information. When booking, 50% of the full price of the booking is paid, the last 50% is paid no later than 30 days before arrival. Booking confirmation, which also serves as a receipt, is sent by email when your online payment is registered.

If the payment terms are not met, we will send a reminder, but we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without further notice

When using a credit card, a fee is charged corresponding to the credit card issuer’s conditions. Typically between 0.75% – 3.75%

Booking conditions

When you receive a confirmation by email and first rate is payed, the reservation is approved and completed.


Please note that cancellations or changes must be made in writing no later than 30 days prior to arrival. We refund the amount paid, minus DKK 300 in handling fee.

In the event of a written cancellation between 30 and 14 days before arrival, a fee of 50% of the total rental price will be charged, however, a maximum of DKK 2,000.

In case of written cancellation 14 to 2 days before arrival, the total amount paid over DKK 4,000 will be refunded.

In other cases and in case of no-show or cancellation after booked arrival, we reserve the right to invoice the full amount.

Cancellation of companies / groups

Cancellation or reduction of company / conference / camp school for 14 people or more must, in order to be free of charge, be received by Nordskoven beach camping in writing (by e-mail) no later than 4 weeks before arrival.

After this, a maximum of 50% of the finally ordered event can be canceled. Please note that in order to cancel the maximum 50%, the cancellation must be made as below

  • 30 – 20 days before arrival, up to 50% of the final booked event can be freely canceled.
  • 20 days before arrival, the event is binding and can no longer be canceled or changes made to the booking.
  • In the event of a no-show, delayed arrival, early departure or later cancellation or reduction, Nordskoven beach camping is entitled to compensation corresponding to the full price of the late canceled services in the finally booked event.

Force majeure

If the stay is prevented due to force majeure (natural disasters, strikes, acts of war, riots and the like), Nordskoven beach camping is not liable for interrupted or uncompleted stays.

In case of doubt, please refer to the general terms and conditions of the hotel and restaurant industry.

We are located:

Nordskoven Strand Camping, Antoinettevej, 2 3700 Rønne.

Phone: +45 40 20 30 68 Mail: info@nordskoven.dk – www.nordskoven.dk

Our legal ownership:
Basecamp Bornholm ApS, Antoinettevej 2, 3700 2820 Gentofte

CVR: 42135631

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